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Cafeteria & Full Bar with seating area. Featured menu items: brisket topped garlic fries, carved brisket and turkey sandwiches, chicken tenders, signature Grand National Pendleton Longhorn cocktail
Vegan/Vegetarian friendly featuring fresh popped popcorn, BBQ chickpea salad, blistered shishito peppers, roasted corn in a cup, fresh fruit, signature Grand National Pendleton Longhorn cocktail
Full bar with draft beer, signature Grand National Pendleton Longhorn cocktail, seating and cocktail tables
"From The Pasture" - featured items: corned beef Reuben sandwiches, Italian beef sandwiches, "Pig On A Stick", deluxe nachos, taco salad and house fried tortillas with guacamole and salsa
Delicious sweet and savory crepes, Acai bowls & Superfood smoothie bowl
The Bronc Beer Garden
Craft beer selection plus full bar, happy hour specials (YAY), nightly dining post-rodeo, signature Grand National Pendleton Longhorn cocktail
Western-style BBQ served in the South Hall night of the Rodeo (5 - 7PM). Featured items: Tritip, Chicken Thigh, Sausage, Salad, Beans, Roll & Cookie


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