2020 Junior Livestock Show
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2020 Junior Livestock Show

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The Junior Livestock Show has been a staple of the Grand National Rodeo event for decades and bringing together the Livestock community from all over the great state of California and beyond! Through many changes in dates and structure within the event, we are not going to miss out on the opportunity to support our Junior Livestock Exhibitors.

2020 Junior Grand National Virtual Livestock Show Judges:

  • Beef Cattle: Scott Greiner
  • Hogs: Miles Toenyes
  • Sheep: Spencer Scotten
  • Goats: Chase McPhaul
Although the Grand National Rodeo continues to strive toward being financially self-sufficient, the Junior Show relies heavily upon sponsorship's and donations, in addition to the income earned from entry fees. If you would be interested in becoming a sponsor or providing a donation to the awards for the Junior Livestock Show please contact our Sponsor Coordinator at (831) 801-6586 or kferreira@cowpalace.com.



Its about that time to start videoing for the Junior Grand National Show. See below some important information that you will need:
  • Entries open on our website - Monday, September 21 at 10AM (PST)
  • You can start videoing Monday but we need to get the show card to you early...
  • What has to be in the video:
    • Show Card - on the arm or attached to a show clip, just has to be visible in the video.
    • A Clear view of the animals permanent ID - eartag, tattoo, ear notch, etc.
    • A Clear view of the exhibitors face.
    • The Animal (of course) - we have offered some guidelines for those who have not videoed before but you will video however you feel is best for your animal as long as it includes everything listed above.

  • NO SOUND in the video so either mute when you are filming or mute/remove the sound when you download.
  • 1 MINUTE VIDEO MAX so if you go over you'll have to cut off time to get it down to 1 minute.

REMINDER: When entries open Monday (9/21) there will be directions of where to put your eartag, video link and weight when you enter along with all your other information. Look for these hints on the website and our Cow Palace Facebook Page.


2020 Junior Livestock Application Form. Entries will close on September 30 at 11:59PM

Check out our 2020 Junior Livestock Scholarship Application (below) - ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE POSTMARKED by October 1

Ready to enter for the 2020 Junior Livestock Show? CLICK HERE for online entries.
  • WEIGHT: enter in the Auction Comment Box (for market beef/sheep/swine/goats and wether dam/sire sheep and does and grade gilts).
  • VIDEO URL: goes in the Entry Comment Box (ALL ENTRIES). Make sure your video URL is correct. Open your video in YouTube or Vimeo, and click on the URL bar to copy URL link, then paste into the Entry Comment Box. If it is correct, it will look like https://youtu.be/pl3V5UrkVbg or https://vimeo.com/459248959. If it looks like something else, it may be private or unlisted. If you need help please feel free to email us at dstornetta@cowpalace.com.
  • REGISTERED ANIMALS (beef, sheep swine): Registration Papers to be emailed to dstronetta@cowpalace.com by the close of entries on September 30 at 11:59PM and must be in the exhibitors name SOLELY.

For more information about the 2020 Junior Livestock Show please contact Dawn Stornetta at

2020 Junior Livestock Scholarship Application

Pendleton Whiskey
Farm Credit
Nibbi Construction
IBEW 617
Flying U Rodeo Company
Coors Light
7 Mile House
Allflex USA
Alice Kuechler
Elk Grove Milling/Stable Mix
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