2019 JR Livestock Show
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The Junior Livestock Show has been a staple of the Grand National Rodeo event for decades. Through many changes in dates and structure within the event, in 2011 at its low point in the number of livestock entries were 1456. Since then with the hard work of staff and interested youth exhibitors throughout the state and beyond, the show has continued to grow, bringing 2015 up to 2033 entries.

The Livestock Show at the Grand National event is considered a “jackpot” show where the exhibitors win prize money for their animals instead of participating in an auction. The amount of prize money given to the youth exhibitors for 2015 was $56,000 and the Open Exhibitors was an additional $17,000.

The breakdown by area for exhibitors is as follows:

Central Valley: 36%
Northern CA: 22%
North Coastal: 11%

Central Coastal: 10%

Bay Area: 7%
Far South or North: 6%
Out of State: 10%

Although the Grand National Rodeo continues to strive toward being financially self-sufficient, the Junior Show relies heavily upon sponsorship's and donations, in addition to the income earned from entry fees. If you would be interested in becoming a sponsor or providing a donation to the awards for the Junior Livestock Show please contact our Sponsor Coordinator at kferreira@cowpalace.com.

For more information about the 2019 Junior Livestock Show please contact Dawn Stornetta at dstornetta@cowpalace.com.

2019 Junior Livestock Application Form. Entries will close on October 4th at 11:59PM

Check out our 2019 Junior Livestock Scholarship Application (below) - ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE POSTMARKED BY SEPTEMBER 20TH

2019 Stall Request

2019 Junior Livestock Scholarship Application

Junior Livestock Show - Lower Bays

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Visit us at the Bull Pen concession stand for all of your Rodeo favorites and fixings....YEEHAW!
Oct. 11:
1PM Junior Registered Sheep Show, followed by Supreme Champion Ram & Supreme Champion Ewe

Oct. 12:
8AM Junior Classic Sheep Showmanship, followed by Classic Sheep Show

Oct. 13:
8:30AM Junior Wether Sire/Wether Dam Sheep Showmanship
Oct. 12:
9AM CJLA Goat Showmanship, followed by Wether Dam Doe and Classic Goat Show
5PM Champion Classic Goat

Oct. 13:
8AM Junior Breeding Boer Goat Showmanship, followed by Junior Breeding Boer Goat Show
9AM Junior Dairy Goat AGDA Show
Oct. 12:
9AM Junior Classic Swine Showmanship, followed by Junior Classic Swine Show
5PM Champion Classic Swine

Oct. 13:
8AM Junior Breeding Swine Show Showmanship, followed by Junior Breeding Swine Show
Oct. 12:
8AM CJLA Beef Showmanship, followed by Junior Classic Steer Show & Market Heifer Show
5PM Champion Market Beef

Oct. 13:
8AM Junior Breeding Beef Show, Breed order: TBD


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