Booking Questionaire
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Booking Questionnaire

Facility Rental Form

Upon receipt of this completed application, the Cow Palace Arena & Event Center will activate a ten business day (10) "tentative hold" on your event dates while we process your application. A "tentative hold" does not offer date protection at any time the space could be released to other interested applicants who are ready to contract. If you would like the "first-hold" status with your application, you would be required to pay a $500.00 non-refundable deposit per event, giving you the first right to date with a 72-hour notification to contract or release. Should you contract an Event, then your deposit hold will be applied to final payment.

Inquiries regarding this document, please contact


(person completing this form)
(if different from Company website)
(name, cell phone & email address)
Status of Licensee


Detailed description of activities during event
Type of Event

include move in, show day(s), and move out
Which areas of the facility are you interested in renting?
Check all that apply


estimated attendance per day & per event
indicate ticket prices for each age group
previous venue, date(s), venue contact name/phone
Draft Floor Plan or Images of Previous Events
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