Saturday, October 10 - Military and First Responder Appreciation Night
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Saturday, October 10 - Military and First Responder Appreciation Night

Have some "Rodeo Fun" with your Family!

The summer may be over but it doesn't mean fun hast to stop! We want you to pull out those pool noodles and take part in our Rodeo Olympic games. Click HERE to learn how to make a horse out of a pool noodle and click HERE to check out our Rodeo-inspired Olympic games for you and your family to participate in. Let us know on our social media (@cowpalaceSF) who took home Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Today's Contest Winner: American "MOOO-dol"

ENTRY DEADLINE: Monday, October 5
See the winner of our American "Mooo-dol" contest and even though we may not have Lionel, Katy and Luke to judge, join us on Saturday, October 10 to see some of our favorites that we will share on our social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and our website.
  • Click HERE for rules and information
  • Click HERE to get some "mooo-tivation"

Fun at home: The HEAL Project activities

Lean to turn a pinecone into a bird feeder, brainstorm ways to "upcycle" your trash, go on a culinary pantry adventure plus many more activities provided by the HEAL Project. Click HERE to see some fun activities to do with the rest of your family.

The HEAL Project believes that everyone should have access to quality food systems education. We see food and how it is grown as central to the health of the individual and the planet.
Click HERE to learn more about the HEAL Project.

Vendor Showcase: Burlap Bovine

1 of 3
Burlap Bovine helps you "differ form the herd" with handmade cowhide and leather accessories created in Sacramento, CA by owner and maker, Malorie Walker! What began as an innate passion for the beef cattle community quickly blossomed into a full-time small business, aimed at bringing joy and happiness to her customers through her handmade products, while giving a nod to the western way of life she grew up in. Raised on her family's commercial cattle ranch in Livermore, CA, Malorie loves to help her following by showcasing their love of cattle and agriculture too with cute, ready-to-wear and display accessories like jewelry, ornaments, and even personalize cowhide graduation cap toppers. Whether you are a 4-H or FFA exhibitor, an agricultural student, someone who raises or shows cattle or just someone who appreciates a high-quality handmade leather or cowhide item, you'll love what Burlap Bovine has to offer! While we wish we could see you in person this year, we are excited to visit virtually through the Cow Palace Facebook page at 4:00 PM.

Cannot wait until then? Hop on over Burlap Bovine's brand new website to check out all that Burlap Bovine has to offer!

Ag Showcase

Learn about the different breeds of cattle and check out these "beefy" recipes:
  • Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry (Click HERE for recipe from
  • Beef Recipes From Around the World (Click HERE to learn more about the National Cattlemen's Beef Council)
Learn about the different breeds of hogs and check out these "pork-tacular" recipes:
  • Pulled Pork Nachos (Click HERE for recipe from
  • Take a tour around the world with a variety of cultures and different pork cuisines. Check out the National Pork Board's Grill-A-Thon Pork Playlist (Click HERE to learn more about the California Pork Association)
Enjoy a virtual visit to one or all of these farms:

Night #2 of the virtual Grand National Rodeo will be taking place on the Cow Palace Facebook Page at 7PM...yeehaw!

3:00PM: Stereo Chickens Jamboree- Live on Facebook

3:30PM: Diablo Ladies Rodeo Drill Team performance - Live on Facebook

4:00PM: Burlap Bovine Vendor Showcase - Live on Facebook

4:30PM: Roaming Around the Rodeo World with Razz 'The Roaming Hillbilly' - Live on Facebook

5:00PM: Junior Livestock Champion presentation - Beef and Hog

5:30PM: Wild West Rodeo Gear Vendor Showcase - Live on Facebook

6:00PM: Learn To Line Dance with Dancing Rhonda - Live on Facebook

6:30PM: Cow Palace Burger Eating Contest with 7 Mile House - Live on Facebook

Grand National Rodeo Program presented by Flying U Rodeo Company

8:00PM: Chad Bushnell - Live on Facebook


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