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Floor Plans


The Cow Palace is a 62 acre event facility with multiple buildings comprising over 250,000 square feet of event space. Each Space can be rented individually or combined in many different configurations for your Event Needs.
The Main Building is comprised of the
- Main Arena
- North Hall
- South Hall
A 20' wide concourse connects the 3 spaces together. Within the space there are multiple break-out rooms, dressing rooms, restaurants, bars and facility operation rooms.
Below and East of the Main Building is Lower Exhibit Buildings #1 & #2.
Within the complex is over 2,800 parking spaces split amoung 4 distinct parking lots all a short walk to the gound level entry points.

Main Arena

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The Cow Palace Arena has 10,100 permanent seats, surrounding the 237 foot by 142 foot concrete arena floor. The Cow Palace can accommodate multiple seating configurations, with elevated risers, box seats, and decking to offer a capacity of 16,500 . The Arena Floor is approximately 30,000 square feet, with a Ceiling height is 101 feet at center.
Equipment can be brought into the arena through two entrances located on the east end of the floor. Each entrance is 15 feet 11 inches high and 19 feet wide.

House Lighting/Truss Configuration:
  • 100 feet of truss North and South side of Arena, with a LED static lighting system.
  • 100 feet of upstage truss with a 60 foot by 42 foot drape.
  • 12 foot by 25 foot 11 MIL LED Video Wall
  • 60 inch mirrored ball on rotation motor, 60 feet from floor 40 feet upstage.
  • Center Speaker Cluster

North/South Halls

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The North and South Halls are similar in construction and services. They are both aproximately 48,000 square feet seperated into bays by pillars 40 feet apart East/West and 20 feet apart North/South. The halls are aproximately 345 feet in length by 140 feet wide. The ceiling height is 14 feet to the lighting, with vaulted ceilings. Equipment can be brought into the halls through 2 rollup doors in each hall, the rollup doors are aproximately 12 feet 6 inches tall and 14 feet wide. The South hall is lit by high efficency LED lighting running the length and width of both building, North Hall is lit by flourcent . The halls can be used as independent spaces, or are attached to the main building via 3, 12 foot wide by 13 foot tall slidding doors.

Exhibit Buildings #1 & #2

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Exhibit Buildings 1 and 2 are located behind the Main Building on a lower Level. They can be accessed through the Main Building, down side ramps, or through a dedicated Gate off Geneva Ave. Each Exhibit building is divided into 3 bays approximately 20,000 square feet each. The Bays ( A-F ) all offer clear unobstructed floor space and can be used in combination with other bays or separately. Complete Restroom facilities are available in Building #1, Bay C and in Building #2, Bay F.
The Breezeway connecting the 2 exhibit buildings can provide an additional 9,000 square feet of exhibit space. The breezeway provides access to all 6 bays. Outside the Breezeway between the Main Building and Lower Exhibit Halls is a concession stand and kitchen maintained by our concessionaire.
Equipment can be brought into the bays through roll-up doors located around the perimeter of the buildings. The roll-up doors are 9 feet 10 inches in height and 9 feet 10 inches in width for Building #1. For Building #2 the roll-ups are 12 feet tall and 14 feet wide.

Meeting, Breakout Rooms

Here at the Cow Palace we understand it is not just the Event Space that is required to run a successful event. Therefore, within the Cow Palace Event Center, there are multiple meeting or Break-out Rooms. These spaces can be used as independent spaces, or be used during your show.

Some of the rooms available:

  • Paddock Room
  • Caucus Cafe
  • North Conference Room
  • Upper Dressing Rooms
  • Round Up Room

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