Parking @ The Cow Palace
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Parking Lots

On-site parking is available for all events at the Cow Palace including parking accommodations for limousines, buses and RVs. Designated space is provided in all Lots for guests with ADA placards. The parking lots are sub-divided can provide parking for multiple events occurring simultaneously.


Passenger Drop off is conveniently located on Geneva under the Video Marquee. Once dropped off, walk into the parking lot to access all parts of the Cow Palace.


Parking Charges are based on specific events. Please check the Event Page for parking rates.

Parking Lot Rules and Regulations

1. Spaces to accommodate vehicles are restricted to 20 feet. Vehicles 20 feet and larger may be directed to the RV/Bus Lot if space available and will be charged the oversized rate.

2. Guests may only purchase one (1) parking spot per vehicle

3. Reserving spaces is not permitted

4. Law Enforcement and Security staff will patrol the parking lots to enforce the rules and regulations

5. No Tailgating or Open Flames allowed in Any Lot.

6. Please help keep the lots clean by utilizing garbage bags and garbage cans provided by the facility.

7. No selling of any items permitted

8. Disabled parking placards must be displayed at all times while parked in a designated ADA parking space on property.

9. Disabled parking placards/Plates may be checked by law enforcement to ensure compliance.

Any Vehicles in Violation of above rules and regulation or parked in a designated Fire Lane/Red Zone may be towed at the owners expense [ c.v.c 22658 ]

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