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North Hall

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Horse Stalls

When the Horses and Cowboys/girls aren't performing in the Main Arena they are in the Stalls in the North Hall. Take a look and stroll through the North Hall and see the performers up close. Chat with the owners and learn more about the Equine Community.

Please Note:
  • Do Not Feed the Horses
  • Dot Not Enter the Stall
  • Do Not touch horses unless Authorized by Horse Owner or Attendant
  • Parent or Guardian Must be present with all Children
Horse Stall Area closes at 7:00pm for Rodeo Performances

Shoe Shines

After a long day on your feet and working through the mud, get an old fashion shoe shine near the entrance of the North Hall. Every pair of shoes is different and it's kind of like a puzzle, each one, and you put your heart and soul into it and come out with something beautiful.

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